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Ascend Health members join because they are seeking safe communities, connections, and access to self-improvement services.

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See what they are saying about Ascend Video

Erik Logan

Ascend is an app designed to help people connect spiritually. The people and content have helped me tremendously on my spiritual path. I always struggled with opening my mind to meditation. Being a part of this community and the friends I have made here has helped me understand how to apply meditation to my life. Because of this app I have become more connected with others and in tune with Self. ❤️

Shawn Cannizzaro

Justin and this app have helped me better my way of thinking and my life. I join the meditation groups at least once a week, I listen to the content Justin puts up, I’ve listened to the story about his life. Im reading his book ( The Recovery Conscious Mind) . I once considered myself the worst of the worst. Now because of people like Justin I’m able to change my way of thinking. Thanks brotha. Shawn

Andre Anderson

We had a great onboarding session with Sam and adding our private community on Ascend. We sent all of our member the link to request access to the organization. As an admin, I was able to see all of my members request and filter out all of the request. My members are very happy to have access to other communities in addition to ours.

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